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Nick is the guy who holds it all together. He works hard every day to keep the shop a happy shop, carefully balancing a family and fun environment with actually getting things done.

Specialties: extended warranties, keeping vendors in line


Service Advisor

Chad brings an eternal positivity to the shop, perhaps finding perspective from raising his twins. Always ready with a bad joke, he works his butt off to make sure every job is win-win-win: good for the customer, good for the vehicle, and good for the shop.

Specialties: listening, translating between customer and mechanic

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Master Mechanic / Technician

Jack has been with the Daltons Midway family for nearly 40 years. While he comes across as just a good ol’ boy who will give you the shirt off his back, he is also brilliant at figuring out what is wrong with a vehicle. Always a U.S. Marine, he brings his unique sense of humor every day, making sure that no day is boring.

Specialties: Carburetors, electronic modules, runnability issues


Master Mechanic / Master Diagnostician

Jim brings a deep knowledge of electronics and vehicle systems that you can’t find in most other shops. He works closely with the younger technicians to pass along his tremendous storehouse of knowledge, technqiues, and tips.

Specialities: diagnostics, electronics, carburetors



Mechanic / Technician

Tyler‘s infectious cheerfulness and enthusiasm for his work brighten everyone’s days. A perfect blend of new and old, he celebrates carburetors as much as sensors and modules. Despite his youth, he has that pride in workmanship of an older generation.

Specialties: Hyundai/Kia, good old nuts and bolts mechanicking


Mechanic / Technician

Glenn came to us from a Hyundai/Kia dealership, where he received extensive training and experience, seeking the happier environment of a family-run shop. His eager curiosity has helped him embrace and learn from the wide range of vehicles we see. He recently earned his first ASE certifications. In his time off, you can usually find him playing basketball.

Specialites: Hyundai/Kia




Bruce started working in the computer programming field, but at one point, felt he needed a change. At the time, Bruce spent his spare time elbows-deep in cars as a hobby, leaving wiring diagrams everywhere in the house; it was then that his wife convinced him of his then-new career path. He loves connecting with customers and the local community! When not leading the Daltons Midway team, Bruce enjoys reading speculative science fiction and traveling the world with his wife. He also added real estate broker to his resume in 2023.

Specialites: Mercedes-Benz, business/finances, finding solutions, commercial real estate


Partner & Marketing Manager

Brooke, Bruce’s wife, is the other half of the Daltons Midway leadership team. By day, she fearlessly instructs college biology and physiology students; in her spare time, she strategizes marketing and creates social media content for Daltons Midway, along with tackling any other odd jobs along the way. Brooke always approaches any situation with a smile! When not creating, she enjoys HIIT workouts and traveling the world with her husband. So much so that she even recently took up an additional career as a travel agent!

Specialties: marketing, social media, science

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Who's Next?

Our Next Family Member

We are always looking for the next great fit for our Daltons Midway family. If you or someone you know is looking for a home as a Mechanic, in Sales and Service, Marketing, or as a Summer Intern—or some other key role we haven’t thought of yet—come talk to us!