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Merry Christmas, Daltons Midway Family!

Daltons family — it’s been quite the year, but there’s no reason that we can’t make the best of what we have! We truly appreciate all of you for continuing to be great customers and bringing us new business, since that’s what’s kept us alive during these challenging times. May your cocoa be hot and […]

Christmas Gifts For Your Car

‘Tis the season! And while you’re buying gifts for those around you, why not include your car on your gift list, considering all that it does for you? If you don’t already own them, we recommend a good set of Jumper Cables for your Car. Make sure the cables are long enough that you can […]

New Website! New Online Scheduling Feature!

Have you heard the news? Daltons Midway Service has entered the 21st century! We now have an option for Online Appointment Scheduling. If you would like to Schedule An Appointment for your Vehicle, it’s easy! Simply go to our website, http://www.DaltonsMidway.com/, click on the green button, and follow the instructions. For those who prefer to […]

Time To Check Your Air Filters!

Hey, Seattle! We just experienced an unprecedented bout of bad air blowing in from wildfires. Whether your Vehicle was driving or parked, some of the particles probably lodged in your Vehicle’s Air Filters. There are two important Air Filters: the Cabin Air Filter cleans the air that you breathe, and the Engine Air Filter cleans […]

Looking For Extended Warranty Work?

Do you have an Extended Warranty on your Vehicle? You may have purchased an Extended Warranty to continue coverage once your Manufacturer’s Warranty ran out, or to provide Auto Repair Coverage on your Used Car. Our customers have found that not all Auto Repair Shops can handle the paperwork for Extended Warranties, and will not […]

Even The Shop Needs Occasional Maintenance!

We do Car Repair and Maintenance. But in order to do so effectively, our tools need their own maintenance! At Daltons Midway, we routinely inspect our equipment to ensure that we provide Your Vehicle the best quality care. And when our equipment needs repair, we call on our local businesses to make sure everything is […]

Where Is My Carburetor?

A Carburetor is a device which mixes air and fuel at the proper ratio before it enters the Engine. However, Carburetors are no longer found on Modern Cars, since Cars built after the mid-‘80s have transitioned to Fuel Injection systems. Both Carburetors and Fuel Injection perform the same basic role, but as emissions requirements changed, […]

Repair Work? Now’s The Time!

Back in March, the Auto Repair industry had predicted that the Pandemic would cause an Auto Parts shortage, with many Auto Parts coming from other countries. The time has come, since we are starting to see empty shelves at our supply shops. Our supply shops are notifying us that it has been more challenging for […]