Daltons Midway Service Blog

We Are Grateful, Daltons Midway Family!

It may sound cliché, but this year, more than ever, we appreciate the support from you, our customer “family”! Every single one of you – from those who do Routine Vehicle Maintenance (you get gold stars!) to those of you who stop by when your Car is on its “last tires” – we love you, […]

Buying a Used Car? The Importance of Pre-Purchase Inspection!

When you are buying a Used Vehicle, you might not know what you’re getting. In fairness, the Vehicle may have had many previous owners, and the current owner may not know the Complete History Of The Vehicle! At Daltons Midway, we highly recommend Pre-Purchase Inspection for any Used Vehicle. It’s better to invest a small […]

Why Is It Good To Rotate My Tires?

When you get your Tires Rotated, you are having your tires repositioned, like they’re trading spots. This allows them to wear more evenly. If you never get your Tires Rotated, each Tire will develop wear based on its position on your Vehicle, and you will have a need for Tire Replacement sooner. More importantly, if […]