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Winter Is Coming… Is Your Coolant and Washer Fluid Ready?

Have you noticed the chill in the air? We may be able to safely bundle up with our parkas and our peppermint mochas, but are your Car Fluids prepared to keep you safe in winter? In case you weren’t aware, there are different blends of Wiper Fluid to use, depending on the season. In the […]

We Are Grateful, Daltons Midway Family!

It may sound cliché, but this year, more than ever, we appreciate the support from you, our customer “family”! Every single one of you – from those who do Routine Vehicle Maintenance (you get gold stars!) to those of you who stop by when your Car is on its “last tires” – we love you, […]

What Are Important Parts of Preventive Maintenance?

Just like we try to do with our health, taking steps to Prevent Car Problems before they happen is an often-overlooked step! There may be some initial investment of time and money to Maintain Your Car, but the investment is usually worth it to Prevent Costly Repairs in the future. Here are a few routine […]

How To Make The Most Of Your (Used Car) Test Drive

How do you make a decision when Buying A Used Car? Too many people decide to buy a car because it looks cute, or the cup holders are in a convenient location. While these are nice features, it’s much more important to know that you are Buying A Dependable Car. If you are lucky enough […]

Buying a Used Car? The Importance of Pre-Purchase Inspection!

When you are buying a Used Vehicle, you might not know what you’re getting. In fairness, the Vehicle may have had many previous owners, and the current owner may not know the Complete History Of The Vehicle! At Daltons Midway, we highly recommend Pre-Purchase Inspection for any Used Vehicle. It’s better to invest a small […]

Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Five years ago today, Bruce Caruthers and Brooke Yool purchased Daltons Midway Service. While Bruce was a new business owner, he had an Auto Repair background; Brooke was (and still is) a college biology instructor who does marketing and assists with operations for Daltons Midway. When we purchased the shop, it was our goal to […]

Time To Check Your Air Filters!

Hey, Seattle! We just experienced an unprecedented bout of bad air blowing in from wildfires. Whether your Vehicle was driving or parked, some of the particles probably lodged in your Vehicle’s Air Filters. There are two important Air Filters: the Cabin Air Filter cleans the air that you breathe, and the Engine Air Filter cleans […]

The Importance Of Brake Pad Replacement

What are Brake Pads? Brake Pads are a key component of your Vehicle’s Braking system which creates friction when you press the Brake Pedal, bringing your Vehicle to a stop. Over time, this friction causes the material of your Brake Pads to wear down, so they will need Routine Maintenance. Your frequency of Brake Pad […]

Looking For Extended Warranty Work?

Do you have an Extended Warranty on your Vehicle? You may have purchased an Extended Warranty to continue coverage once your Manufacturer’s Warranty ran out, or to provide Auto Repair Coverage on your Used Car. Our customers have found that not all Auto Repair Shops can handle the paperwork for Extended Warranties, and will not […]

Back To School? Check Out That Car!

“Back to school” may look different for many of us this year, but some of you may have a family member heading off to college with a New Car or a Used Car, far away from the security blanket of family. Make sure they’re safe! Before your graduate hits the road, a Vehicle Safety Inspection […]