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Back To School? Check Out That Car!

Daltons co-owner Brooke in front of Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, for whom she works remotely

“Back to school” may look different for many of us this year, but some of you may have a family member heading off to college with a New Car or a Used Car, far away from the security blanket of family. Make sure they’re safe! Before your graduate hits the road, a Vehicle Safety Inspection is a great idea. Make sure you have the Car Inspected with enough advance notice that Your Mechanic has time to complete any Auto Repairs! Give us a call to schedule your Vehicle Safety Inspection in Clearview: 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) anytime.

Even The Shop Needs Occasional Maintenance!

Keeping our lift in tip-top shape!

We do Car Repair and Maintenance. But in order to do so effectively, our tools need their own maintenance! At Daltons Midway, we routinely inspect our equipment to ensure that we provide Your Vehicle the best quality care. And when our equipment needs repair, we call on our local businesses to make sure everything is in perfect shape. This is important to us, so that we can provide you, our customer, with the best possible service. If you’re looking for a great Auto Mechanic Near You, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

Where Is My Carburetor?

Our team is skilled at working on Carburetors!

A Carburetor is a device which mixes air and fuel at the proper ratio before it enters the Engine. However, Carburetors are no longer found on Modern Cars, since Cars built after the mid-‘80s have transitioned to Fuel Injection systems. Both Carburetors and Fuel Injection perform the same basic role, but as emissions requirements changed, so did fuel systems in cars.

Do you drive an Older Car that still has a Carburetor? Are you having trouble finding a shop that will work on your Carburetor? Come to us at Daltons Midway – we have both the training and tools for Older Cars! If you have any questions, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

Repair Work? Now’s The Time!

The shelves are starting to look bare for our Auto Parts suppliers, as we predicted at the beginning of the pandemic.

Back in March, the Auto Repair industry had predicted that the Pandemic would cause an Auto Parts shortage, with many Auto Parts coming from other countries. The time has come, since we are starting to see empty shelves at our supply shops. Our supply shops are notifying us that it has been more challenging for them to order Auto Parts for Auto Repairs. This means that if you have been putting off any Auto Repair work, it is better to do it sooner rather than later! We do not know what the future holds in terms of Auto Parts or shop supplies. But now would be a great time to call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview.

What Does A Fuel Filter Do?

Fuel filters need routine changing!

Why do Fuel Filters need replacing? It may be obvious that a Fuel Filter filters the fuel in your car. Why is a Fuel Filter important? A Fuel Filter helps protect your Engine, since it filters impurities and particles out of your fuel before it reaches the Engine. Over time, these impurities build up on the Fuel Filter. As your Fuel Filter gets more clogged, less fuel can reach your Engine. If your Car is sluggish when driving up hills, you may need to replace a clogged Fuel Filter. However, since Slow Engine Performance can result from several issues, it’s a good idea to check in with us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

Is It Time For A Coolant Flush?

During your last Routine Maintenance, your Service Writer advised that you might need a Coolant Flush. Why, and what does this mean?

Coolant, or Antifreeze, is what keeps your Engine at an appropriate temperature. Thus, with good Coolant Under The Hood, your Engine is less likely to overheat. As a result, your car will be less likely to strand you, requiring Costly Repairs.

Over time, deposits and contaminants build up in Coolant during regular use, reducing its effectiveness. During a Coolant Flush, the old Coolant is removed and fresh Coolant replaces the old. This service is recommended once a year. If you are in need of a Coolant Flush, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money

Changing your Oil Filter is part of Routine Auto Maintenance! The one on the bottom was long overdue. (The top filter is new.)

We all want to Save Money on Auto Repair, right? Well, we have the solution for you: Routine Vehicle Maintenance! Wait, what? Doesn’t that mean that I have to put more money into my car each time I’m at the shop? Not really. You may be paying for thorough inspections of your Brakes and your Cooling System, and getting Oil Filters and Air Filters replaced regularly, but these routine maintenance jobs cost a lot less than the bigger repairs you may otherwise face. Several of the systems which we inspect affect Engine, Brake, and Steering function. If any of these were to suddenly cause a problem, you could be facing an expensive repair, it could leave you stranded at the side of the road, or – worse yet – it may result in an accident. At Daltons, we think it’s best to routinely invest smaller amounts of money to help reduce the larger costs down the line! Give us a call at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

You’re Ready For A Road Trip, But Is Your Car?

We’re ready for a Road Trip! Make sure your car won’t let you down!

We’re all itching to get out this summer, right? It seems like a Road Trip is the safest bet for travel this year. But before you hit the road, please make sure that everything is in place for a pleasant driving experience!

Have you tested your Car Air Conditioning recently? Chances are that it hasn’t been extensively used since last summer. It may need an A/C Recharge. Make sure you’re feeling comfortable on the road!

Also, how are your Windshield Wiper Blades? You never know when you’re going to run into a summer storm. Wiper Blades dry out and crack, and they may need replacing once a year, or more. Make sure you can see where you’re going!

Finally, before heading out for an extended period of time, it’s important to have a Certified Auto Mechanic take a look Under The Hood to make sure that all systems are ready. They can top off the fluids, make sure belts are healthy, and take a peek at the Brakes. Make sure that you have your Car Inspected at least a few days before your trip, so that your Auto Mechanic has enough time to complete any necessary repairs!

Enjoy your summer on the road, but before you get out there, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime, so that we make sure your Car is Road Trip Ready!

Does My Car’s Air Conditioning Need Recharge?

How cold - or not - is your A/C blowing?
Is your A/C not doing its job? Drop by, we have the tools to check! If these are your numbers, we can do some work on your system and cool you off.

It’s summer, which means that you may be using your car’s Air Conditioning more often. Since it hasn’t gotten much use for a while, you may need an A/C Recharge. It’s a good idea to run your Air Conditioner early in the season, before it gets too hot; if it doesn’t blow cold enough, you should get your A/C checked out! Stop by your Auto Mechanic Near Me to get your Air Conditioning System looked over, before it leaves you hot and bothered at the worst time! If you have any questions, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

How Often Do I Need To Change My Wiper Blades?

We have Wiper Blades in stock!

We live in the land of liquid sunshine! A key component of Safe Driving is ensuring that your Windshield Wiper Blades are not too worn out. Typically, Wiper Blades need replacing 1-2 times a year. After a year of changing seasons, the rubber on the blade can harden and crack. This impacts visibility, since a worn-out Wiper Blade can no longer make complete contact with the Windshield surface. Routine Windshield Wiper Blade replacement is an important part of Auto Maintenance, and is key to Safe Driving. If you have any questions, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.