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Bruce started working in the computer programming field, but at one point, felt he needed a change. At the time, Bruce spent his spare time elbows-deep in cars as a hobby, leaving wiring diagrams everywhere in the house; it was then that his wife convinced him of his then-new career path. He loves connecting with customers and the local community! When not leading the Daltons Midway team, Bruce enjoys reading speculative science fiction and traveling the world with his wife.


Partner & Marketing Manager

Brooke, Bruce’s wife, is the other half of the Daltons Midway leadership team. By day, she fearlessly instructs college biology and physiology students; in her spare time, she strategizes marketing and creates social media content for Daltons Midway, along with tackling any other odd jobs along the way. Brooke always approaches any situation with a smile! When not creating, she enjoys HIIT workouts and traveling the world with her husband.



Service Manager

Dana is our thoughtful, dependable service manager with a wonderful sense of humor. He has a knack for putting customers at ease within moments! If you’ve been by Daltons Midway, chances are you’ve seen his smiling face. He’s also a proud Army veteran! When not providing excellent customer service, you can find Dana dancing, rappelling, and going on motorcycle trips.



Jack has been a loyal mechanic at Daltons Midway since 1982. He has been part of the local community for so long that customers drop by the shop just to chat–even when their cars don’t need repair! He may be a Marine, but don’t let that fool you: Jack approaches all jobs with the customer first in mind. (He’s also the shop prankster; watch out!) When not turning wrenches, Jack may be fishing, gardening, or hanging out with friends and family.

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Khan landed in the auto repair industry 18 years ago after getting his start in the culinary world, having cooked for the inauguration for former governor Christine Gregoire. Yes, Khan turns the wrenches and runs our shop barbecue as well! Next time you see him, ask him about his latest snowboarding adventures!


Service Advisor & Marketing

Derek joined us in September of 2020, eager to work for a shop that actually cared about its customers. He is a key part of our building the next generation of Daltons Midway and we have high hopes for a long and meaningful partnership!




Matt joined us in May of 2020 as part of our plans to be here to help you for years to come, and is also a proud Army veteran. Ask him about his Acura Integra, which he restored from “parts car” to become his current daily driver!

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Who's Next?

Our Next Family Member

We are always looking for the next great fit for our Daltons Midway family. If you or someone you know is looking for a home as a Mechanic, in Sales and Service, Marketing, or as a Summer Intern–or some other key role we haven’t thought of yet–come talk to us!