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Uh oh. Car won’t start.

How’s your car battery doing?

It’s a few days before Christmas, and you need to finish your shopping. (Thank goodness for online shopping?) You head out to your car, mask in hand, and… oh no! Nothing happens when you turn the key except for a sputtering sound.

Many of us have been working from home the past several months, and Your Car likely has not gotten out that much. Just like your body needs routine exercise, Your Car does, as well! If Your Car has not been started in several weeks, Your Car Battery may have lost its charge. We are happy to take a look at Your Car Battery at Daltons Midway! Come check in with us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

Published by Brooke

Brooke Yool (Vice President, Daltons Midway) is a caffeine-dependent life form and a Crossfit addict who takes pride in taking care of her body -- after all, it's the only place we have to live. Prefers her puns intended.