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Back To School? Check Out That Car!

Daltons co-owner Brooke in front of Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, for whom she works remotely

“Back to school” may look different for many of us this year, but some of you may have a family member heading off to college with a New Car or a Used Car, far away from the security blanket of family. Make sure they’re safe! Before your graduate hits the road, a Vehicle Safety Inspection is a great idea. Make sure you have the Car Inspected with enough advance notice that Your Mechanic has time to complete any Auto Repairs! Give us a call to schedule your Vehicle Safety Inspection in Clearview: 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) anytime.

Published by Brooke

Brooke Yool (Vice President, Daltons Midway) is a caffeine-dependent life form and a Crossfit addict who takes pride in taking care of her body -- after all, it's the only place we have to live. Prefers her puns intended.