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Repair Work? Now’s The Time!

The shelves are starting to look bare for our Auto Parts suppliers, as we predicted at the beginning of the pandemic.

Back in March, the Auto Repair industry had predicted that the Pandemic would cause an Auto Parts shortage, with many Auto Parts coming from other countries. The time has come, since we are starting to see empty shelves at our supply shops. Our supply shops are notifying us that it has been more challenging for them to order Auto Parts for Auto Repairs. This means that if you have been putting off any Auto Repair work, it is better to do it sooner rather than later! We do not know what the future holds in terms of Auto Parts or shop supplies. But now would be a great time to call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview.

Published by Brooke

Brooke Yool (Vice President, Daltons Midway) is a caffeine-dependent life form and a Crossfit addict who takes pride in taking care of her body -- after all, it's the only place we have to live. Prefers her puns intended.