How Do You Know It’s Time For An Oil Change?

So, the little sticker in your windshield tells you that you should be getting your Oil Changed soon. Is this just another one of those Routine Car Maintenance things that you can set aside for a while? Well, considering that your oil lubricates your engine, it’s not something you’d want to ignore; healthy, clean oil makes for a healthy, clean engine!

First of all, if there’s a knocking or clapping sound under the hood, that’s a sign that the oil isn’t doing its job in the engine. If this is you, get your Oil Changed at an Auto Repair Shop NOW!

Lastly, during your routine Oil Checks (you’re doing those, right??), if your oil looks dark – like chocolate syrup – it’s dirty, and not doing its job the way it should. The “dirt” is the result of long-term buildup of particles over time, which isn’t good on the Engine in the long term. Get it changed!

Of course, if the Oil Light pops up on your dash, please check your oil as soon as possible. Again, the oil is what lubricates your engine, keeping it working properly. If it’s full of particles, or there’s not enough of it, your engine could overheat, or suffer other damage which could strand you. It’s so much less stressful to perform Routine Maintenance! If you have any questions, call us at 360-688-7111, or stop by 16326 State Route 9 (at 164th) in Clearview anytime.

A lifetime of neglect. This poor engine!

Published by Brooke

Brooke Yool (Vice President, Daltons Midway) is a caffeine-dependent life form and a Crossfit addict who takes pride in taking care of her body -- after all, it's the only place we have to live. Prefers her puns intended.