Upcoming events in the Snohomish area

juicy watermelon!

Summer is here! And, so are fun summer activities. You don’t have to go far to enjoy yourself around here. You may be familiar with most of the summertime events in the area, but here’s a run-down in case you aren’t:

The annual Kla-Ha-Ya Days, held the week of July 17th this year. Did you know that this native word means “welcome”? This festival, which includes various events such as a 5K run and a car show, is the local welcome to summer! https://www.klahayadays.com/

Who likes live music? <raises hand enthusiastically> Head on down to Lake Tye Park any Friday in July at 7pm! The music is free, and there will be food trucks, as well as beer and margaritas for sale. https://events.time.ly/93cvc77?event=30223356

For those who don’t mind going further afield, check out the third Thursday art walk in downtown Edmonds, on Thursday, July 18th. This fun community event runs from 5-8pm, and many local artists and creatives display their work. And, plenty of food and wine for sale! (If you miss July, no worries: it’s the third Thursday of every month!) http://www.artwalkedmonds.com/

How did I not know about this… there’s a food truck festival in Everett? And, there’s an accompanying fun run, offering tastes of food along the way? I’m intrigued! If you are, as well, head toward the water on August 24th. https://www.liveineverett.com/yum

And, let’s not forget the weekly downtown Snohomish farmers’ market on Thursday evenings! (Held from 3-7pm.)

Get out this summer and try something new!

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